Single color lined pools adapt to any style, they are especially recommended because they go with all designs, both modern and classic, as well as elegant or rustic. On this page we will show you the whole range and explain the effect that each of the linings installed for pool water has.

Indeed, this Ok Pool Reform page in Pool Liner Color , you will be able to observe the Unicolor Pool Liner range.

Line of liners Unicolor Pool Liner

First of all, we have a range of Unicolor pool liner that allows you to achieve the perfect aesthetic finish depending on the environment of the pool: classic, rustic, modern, etc.

Unicolor liner pools adapt to any style , especially recommended because they go with all designs, both modern and classic, as well as elegant or rustic.

Pool Liner Colors Unicolor

  • White
  • Navy blue
  • light blue
  • arena
  • turquoise
  • Gray
  • Dark gray (anthracite)
  • black

Characteristics of Pool Liner Unicolor

  • Single color pools with liner in different shades ranging from white to black.
  • Incorporating the most traditional pool color in our range of plain liners, such as blue in various shades.
  • It should be noted that all of them are ideal for creating a one-color pool liner with greater visual amplitude of both the pools and their surroundings.
  • They also manage to offer the perfect environment for fun with activities that train the body and mind.

Models of Unicolor Pool Liner

Then click the link if you want to know what exactly each of the colors in the single color pool lining models expresses.

Next, we present an image of each of the trendy and trendy models of solid color pool lining.

Liner Pool Unicolor Collection

As you can see, the range of single color pool lining provides the perfect aesthetic for any pool environment: classic, rustic, modern, etc.

Unicolor liner pools adapt to any style , especially recommended because they go with all designs, both modern and classic, as well as elegant or rustic.

Characteristics of the Liner collection for Unicolor pools

  • First of all, this range is the standard reinforced sheet that we produce for waterproofing millions of private and public swimming pools in over 60 countries with “Made in Germany” quality.
  • We offer a 15-year waterproofing guarantee.
  • In addition, the spiscina unicolor liner adapts to shape, size, depth, environment, light and weather conditions; among other elements that may determine the choice of its color, texture and dimensions.
  • And all this with acrylic protection on the surface.
  • Finally, the thickness of the single color pool lining is 1.60mm.

White pool liner

What is the design of White Pool Liner?

  • The white pool liner stands out : the blue tone of the water, it is perceived as very blue with green.
    This white color in the pool is an upward trend over the past three years.
  • The white reinforced sheet for the pool provides : relaxation, cleanliness, harmony and hygiene.
  • The color of the white pool  helps to maintain the temperature of the water, highlighting both the interior of the pool and the exterior finish.
  • Areas where a white pool liner is most welcome : urban areas, seaside homes and new builds with black and white square modules.

Features of White Pool Liner

The shade of white pool lining is a luxury that requires more thorough cleaning. But this greatly emphasizes the blue tone of the water, as the reflection of the sunlight makes the water in the pool look like blue with a very light green, which is really a great version for refurbished pools that can be enjoyed at home.

White is a trend that has been recurring in many pools lately, it is a color associated with harmony, cleanliness, relaxation and cleanliness.

It is a tone of light that reflects throughout the space with an air of serenity.

The technical reasons that experts take into account when recommending the installation of white pools is that this color helps to maintain the temperature of the water and emphasizes the decoration of the environment in a very elegant, natural and clear way.

White pools: summer and beach style

White pools have a summery and beachy feel to them, which is why they prefer to place them in homes by the sea, urban areas, and many other places where you want to recreate that environment but with a more natural tone.

Similarly, the color pairs perfectly with a beach environment because they provide a relaxing effect in any sunny area, and when exposed to the sun, they change their hue.

In addition, they are ideal for placement in areas such as forests and mountains because their original color highlights the environment with more force, offering the water all of its excellent transparency characteristics.

This is the perfect pool bottom for highlighting the hues of the water, as the tone provides a lighter shade of the ocean. This model has been a big seller in recent years as it increases transparency and maintains water temperature.

They are preferred in cities and especially for swimming pools where you want to save a simple style to breathe cleaner air, with a clear pool tone that promotes relaxation and well-being.

This color is suitable for a beach pool because it is a tone that emphasizes the movement and freshness of the water. Decorators recommend white pool cladding to highlight areas with lots of vegetation, such as gardens surrounded by greenery and terraces, who want to use the entire area with a neutral color that enhances their environment.

The traditional white hue in the pools provides brightness, depth and tranquility, in addition, it gives the impression of greater cleanliness in the pools, which are recommended for homes where you want to enjoy with your family to create moments of relaxation at low cost and maximum safety. Swimming pools are an element of health and wellness in modern homes.

Navy blue swimming pool

Dark Blue Pool features

  • The navy blue pool liner emphasizes : the shade of the water is dark blue.
  • Navy blue reinforced pool foil provides : freshness, relaxation.
  • The dark blue color of the pool liner is recommended for : beach areas.

Blue pool

Has a blue pool lining.

  • Blue pool lining stands out : a shade of sky blue water.
  • This blue color in the pool is traditional, that is, the most classic and common of all time.
  • Reinforced blue sheet provides:  freshness, radiance, depth, peace and relaxation – it is primarily a symbol of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • The blue color of the pool is recommended in : all types of houses, spaces, territories, it is an ideal color wildcard in any environment, but above all, over time it has been installed in homes near beaches.

Beach pool

Characteristics of a pool with a sand color liner

  • Beach pool liner provides:  light turquoise green water shade.
  • The sand color pool liner in the pool is all in vogue.
  • Laminated pool on the beach provides : relaxing effect and Caribbean beaches.
  • The color of the beach pool is recommended in : sunny areas, since the shade of the sand varies greatly depending on the environmental conditions.
  • Areas where the sand liner pool is most welcomed on: mountainous areas, rural areas or urbanizations with forests, where the sand liner will be fully integrated into the environment and will not be perceived as a blue spot.

Turquoise pool

Includes turquoise pool lining

  • The turquoise pool liner stands out : the effect of tropical seas.
  • The laminated turquoise pool provides : heavenly surroundings. 
  • The turquoise color of the pool liner is recommended in : garden areas with lots of greenery.

Gray pool

Features Gray Pool Liner

  • The gray pool lining highlights:  Dark blue tones in the water with a greyish tinge.
  • The gray color in the pool is one of the best selling.
  • Gray Reinforced Pool Sheet provides : ocean feel but slightly darker color.
  • The gray color of the pool liner helps to:  hide dirt and slightly increase the temperature of the water.
  • Areas where the gray pool liner is most welcomed These are: urban areas, areas with sidewalks, low natural areas and modern developments.

Pool liner Dark gray

Features a dark greyish pool lining.

  • The dark gray pool lining highlights the blue-gray water effect.
  • The dark gray color of the pool liner helps to:  hide dirt and slightly increase the temperature of the water.
  • Areas where a dark gray pool liner is best suited are : urban areas, sidewalks, wilderness areas, and modern developments.

Black pool

Black Pool Features

  • The black pool lining stands out : the mirror effect of the water.
  • Black in the pool This is the most daring and modern option available.
  • The black reinforced sheet for the pool provides : the feeling of a lake or swamp. 
  • The black color of the pool liner helps:  hide dirt and water temperatures are higher throughout the year, it even lengthens the swimming season.
  • Areas where black pool liner is most welcomed are : urban areas, sidewalks, low natural areas and modern developments.

Swimming pool with black liner

Black is the color of elegance and a very striking water effect is achieved in black pools. This is the perfect color to create a bold and extremely modern pool design. They are used in urban environments to enhance beauty in very modern urbanizations, as the color black makes everything look special and goes well with any decorative style.

This is the color that creates the lake’s resemblance to a pool that will have a suitable temperature throughout the year as it will have higher temperature conditions throughout the year. Many construction pools will have black-lined pools installed to provide their recreation areas with a grand holiday element.

In hotels and tourist centers, they will take the time to invest in the renovations they have always wanted to do, and the dark colors at the bottom of their pools will become a sensation once they resume their customer service activities, offering quality and quality services. completely refurbished swimming pools with durable and high quality cladding.

Pools in dark colors accentuate and accentuate favorable factors such as the freshness of the water and its movement, which is a very auspicious point to be taken into account in relaxation centers. These are the perfect pools for beach areas or where you want to capture this style.

The black background has been used very little for swimming pool cladding, but its inclusion in many architectural designs of modern buildings is today considered to overemphasize many urban sites. Thanks to the pools with a black bottom, a unique effect is created. Similarly, it is a liner shade that hides the dirt of the water and raises its temperature.

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