Many cottage owners are thinking about installing their own pool on their territory. This is not surprising, because on a hot summer day, what could be better than plunging into cool water and swimming? Here you can sunbathe on the mattress, play ball with the children and do other things. The best option for this purpose are collapsible pools, they are more durable than inflatable counterparts and are not as time-consuming to install as stationary structures.

Key features of prefabricated pools  

These structures are made of galvanized sheet with an internal film, special supports are used to hold their walls. Prefabricated pools are ideal for seasonal use. When the warm days are over, they can be taken apart and stored for storage during the winter.

Prefabricated pools can be used in three ways:

• Do not bury in the ground . In this case, they can be disassembled for the winter. Reduced labor intensity and installation time.

• Dig in half . Stationary option, installation is not very laborious.

• Fully dig in . A year-round option, in order to take water procedures, you don’t have to climb, you can go down into the pool directly from the ground.

Advantages of prefabricated pools

Many people want to buy a collapsible pool for summer cottages, as it has many valuable advantages:

• Ease of installation and possibility of dismantling. You can install such a pool yourself, and detailed instructions help with this. Usually installation is carried out at the beginning of the season, and dismantling – at the end. The place for the location of the pool does not need special preparation.

• Ease of use. Not only adults, but also children can use this pool. Thanks to the large capacity of the bowl, there is no need to change the water every day, which further reduces costs. It is enough to use special disinfectants that prevent the formation of mold and maintain the optimal chemical composition of the liquid.

• Reliability. Although the design is prefabricated, it is absolutely safe to use. Bathers can lean on the walls without fear that they will collapse.

• Aesthetic appeal. Collapsible pools for summer cottages have a huge variety of shapes and sizes, which allows everyone to choose the optimal design to their liking and depending on the characteristics of the summer cottage.

• Long service life. With proper handling, collapsible pools can last for many years, allowing you to take water procedures at any convenient time.

• Acceptable cost. The price of a prefabricated pool is much lower than the construction of a concrete structure. At the same time, he is not inferior to her in many respects. 

Possessing many advantages, prefabricated pools are very popular among owners of private houses and summer cottages. Give yourself the opportunity to take refreshing water treatments at any time convenient for you!

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