Child safety equipment by the pool

For most children, the pool is like a magnet. The opportunity to jump into the water, dive, play water games is what the young generation needs. However, the pool is not only a pleasure and a pleasant pastime, but also a certain danger that parents should take into account. Their task is to make the right arrangement around the pool, to protect the child from the pool at a time when he cannot swim.

In this article, we will look at how you can ensure security.

Child safety at the pool

Parents need to purchase appropriate pool equipment . The range on our site is wide.

Anti-slip pads

Such goods are a very primitive and unpretentious, but very effective element of arrangement around the pool. They should be placed in places where the child can go down into the water.

The pads are made from rubber. She tightly “clings” to the surface and does not move, even if you try to do it. These pads will help your child not fall into the pool as a result of awkward movements.

Swimming pool ladders

For the safety of children, be sure to pay attention to the stairs. This is a must if you have a deep pool. These products are made of durable metal: many models can withstand over 120-150 kg.

The steps of the stairs have a flat embossed surface, which allows even small children who do not yet control their movements too well to avoid falling into the pool.

A pool ladder can have a different number of steps, depending on the depth of your pool.


It’s simple: the risk of falling is much lower if there is something to hold on to! Handrails help not only to safely descend into the pool, but also to get out of it.

Handrails for the pool have different heights, shapes, different types of fastening. The choice depends on the parameters of your reservoir.

Protective covers

Pool covers are a thin but durable material that covers the entire surface of the reservoir.

Firstly, it is safety: it can be used to protect the pool from the child. The cover does not leave holes, it is difficult to remove it due to the fixing elements.

Secondly, the cover minimizes water evaporation, protects the pool from dust, leaves and other debris.


An advanced version of the cover. The pool is covered with a transparent material (most often polycarbonate).

This is a very effective way to close the pool from children: the pavilion gives the pond an original, futuristic appearance.

Arrange a pool

Consider the elements that will help you equip the pool itself.

Dividing tracks

Usually used in recreational and sports pools. The bottom line is this: a strong “strip” is stretched from one end of the pool to the other, which subsequently floats on the surface, dividing the reservoir into zones.

Dividing paths are also good because they can become a support for a child, for example, if he gets tired during a swim.


Safe compact “attractions” that greatly diversify your child’s pool experience.

The slides “observe” safety precautions in the pool: they are made of non-toxic materials, do not have sharp corners and parts that can be easily dismantled.

Starting bollards and springboards

A springboard is a jump board that allows you to safely jump into the water. When diving, there is no risk of catching the wall of the pool, since the springboard “sticks out” forward, that is, the jump is already above the water level.

LED spotlights

Illuminate the space in the pool, ensuring safety when swimming at night.

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