Pool Liner: In this article, we group all information, inquiries and doubts about this pool cover, we also present the best pool liner brand called Elbe Blue Line, models and colors, service, etc.

  • Learn about the importance of pool waterproofing
  • What is a pool liner
  • What material is the liner?
  • How long will a pool liner last?
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Seal Reinforced Lining
  • Criteria for choosing a pool liner
  • How to choose the color of the pool liner
  • Types of liners for swimming pools
  • Removable pool liner
  • Pool liner Gre
  • Renovation of a pool in a rural house: sand-colored laminate pool.
  • The price of the liner for the pool
  • Can you repair a pool liner?
  • How to install a pool liner
  • Reinforced pool cladding maintenance
  • How to clean your pool lining

We will tell you all the details about the POOL LINER

Learn about the importance of pool waterproofing

The importance of pool waterproofing

The waterproofing aspect of swimming pools is important, as this is a structure that will be in contact with water for most of the year, the pool must be properly waterproofed.

Proper pool waterproofing – avoid leaks

The problem that affects swimming pools the most is  seepage through cracks in the wall or floor. 

To prevent this from happening, during the construction process, the pool must be properly waterproofed.

First of all, you need to choose the perfect material for this job.

There are several  materials specifically designed for pool waterproofing .

Before deciding to renovate a swimming pool It is important to know the details of the existing types of coatings in order to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Elements to consider when waterproofing swimming pools

An important aspect to consider when waterproofing swimming pools is that the surfaces involved generally come into contact with two types of water: groundwater and water within the pool itself.

Due to the aggressive nature of groundwater, it is necessary to carefully assess its level and determine whether its presence is permanent or temporary.

As for the water inside the pool, it contains chlorine and other substances that can compromise the stability of the structure.

For these reasons, in order to ensure thorough waterproofing and protection of the pool walls, in all cases we recommend doing this with a pool liner and with confidence in quality: Elbe BLue Line Pool Liner.

The Importance of the Planning Phase in Pool Waterproofing

Planning prevents a lot of potential problems when renovating a pool.

Many problems can be prevented during the planning phase of building or renovating a pool. Waterproofing is not enough. It is very important to protect surfaces and walls from all aggressive agents that can reduce their durability.

Other fundamental elements to consider are the casting sealing stage and plant engineering. Some examples are: recirculation, water filtration and lighting systems. In fact, all of the elements mentioned above can present critical problems in terms of proper waterproofing.

What is a pool liner

What is a reinforced pool liner?

Pool liner with reinforced pool liner is a very durable pool liner. due to impermeability and high resistance to water leakage.

Its great advantage is that it is a pool repair method. very versatile and adaptable to any type of pool.

Another great benefit of waterproofing with a pool liner is that it is a method that requires very little maintenance.

In terms of costs, renovating tiled pools is much more economical and practical than tiling and other pools.

They can also be decorated with motifs to your taste.

Why did you decide to put a reinforced liner in my pool?

The best solution when repairing pools is to install a liner. , as it can be installed to repair swimming pools with different surfaces such as tiles, concrete, polyester and other materials.

All this without the need to raise the edges, and opt for reinforced foil pools or choose it to line newly built pools.

It is a bag or reinforced membrane for swimming pools . It adapts to dimensions, has a system of profiles for fastening inside the glass and works with an easy installation method.

When you decide to place a pool liner, costly repairs to major water leaks are eliminated.

In addition, it is an inexpensive coating method that allows you to quickly enjoy swimming in the pool.

Pool renovations use high quality PVC based sheets that retain water and save time and money.

Swimming pool fish liner is a material that is quickly installed.

It is the best option for pool restoration because it has years of durability and precise adaptability at low cost.

In addition, it is a very light material, ultra-water-resistant, bleach-resistant. Also, liner pools act as a charm on rooftops, attics, gardens and terraces. Their design is presented in a variety of colors.

Reinforced pool lining – the best way to waterproof pools

What material is the liner?

What material is the reinforced lining for the pool

At present, the best way to repair a swimming pool is a pool liner (pool waterproof tarpaulin):

A pool liner is a type of cover formed by a flexible membrane designed for swimming pool renovations, made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) with an internal polyester mesh. 

Lining material Pisicna

Pool Lining: The most commonly used pool lining material.

Currently, pool liner is the most commonly used pool liner material due to its high ductility, tear resistance, ease of welding, resistance to UV fading and a wide range of colors available.

Waterproof pool with thermowelded tub with armored liner

In the case of steel or composite pools, the blue bottom of the liner is also used, it looks great, as does the imitation of tiles for a beautiful and economical design of the pool.

Pools that are under construction tend to have white tile cladding (pool waterproofing sheets), as well as cladding for pools with removable ceramic tiles.

People who have a swimming pool with a certain color cladding choose to achieve a big aesthetic change in their gardens and terraces by simply changing the tones and design of their pool cladding with white tiles.

These are both visual and emotional changes that are achieved without much investment. Renovating a pool and making it look like new is essential to your well-being.

The model and dimensions of the pool are the key to choosing the right pool liner.

Placement specialists measure the pools correctly so that when you buy a liner, you have the most suitable one.

It is important to know that there is a wide variety of liner designs with very specific features such as a green tile pool.

The wide range of pool repair liners offers several model options for removable, hybrid, steel and wooden pools.

The main differences between high-quality thermowelded reinforced linings are their thickness and pool dimensions. where you plan to place the liner are those that define the body of the liner.

The evolution of the liner in pool renovation

As an excellent option for pool liner repairs, they have become an intermediate alternative between large pools built with rigid materials and prefabricated pools, especially in regards to the price per m2 of reinforced pool sheet.

Since it allows the repair or construction of quality pools from prefabricated galvanized steel or PVC panels that are joined to adapt to the shape of the pool and reinforced concrete floor or base, its foil lining is the best of inventions. PVC or liner, which allows it to be installed in a very short time, as well as with a minimum weight, which makes it possible to install pools on terraces.

It is important to note that liner has come to be used in steel panel pools as a liner for your glass.

But within a few years it was also used to repair other types of pools and became part of the evolution.

Since it allows repair, waterproofing, lining and upgrading of both concrete and polyester pools (repair of cracks in polyester pools) and other materials.

These reinforced sheets are made of reinforced PVC composite material, which has high strength and comes in various thickness from 0.75mm to 1.8mm.

How are the internal vessels of the pools covered so that they have greater resistance and tightness, which also depends on what kind of maintenance the pool has.

In addition, its versatility allows this material to adapt to all types of pool sizes and sizes, including irregular or custom shaped pools.

Because they have a simple and very quick installation, without the need to carry out complex work or break or lay concrete, thanks to this type of pool maintenance .

Pools refurbished with a liner look very aesthetically pleasing with bright solid or patterned colors, smooth textures or embossed and non-slip. This is a type of repair that allows you to customize the design and choose the repair option with an insert.

What material is the lining for the Elbe Blue Line pool made of?

What is Elbe Blue Line Reinforced Pool Sheet

The Elbe Blue Line pool liner is a flexible pool liner designed for The pool liner is the global demand leader for its highest quality attribute in the world, achieving the largest warranty extension on the market and yet combined with an affordable price.

How is Elbe Blue Line reinforced pool cover made?

ELBE BLUE LINE is the healthiest material on the market. It is the only reinforced pool sheet with European health certificate EN 71-3. , ensuring that the material is harmless to the health of installers and bathers.

Reinforced swimming pool cover Elbe Blue Line is made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) with an internal polyester mesh. and also has an exclusive virgin resin formula, which stands for 100% virgin PVC of the highest quality.

Similarly, this mesh provides excellent tear or tear resistance without compromising elasticity or flexibility.

The composition of the reinforced tarpaulin

Reinforced sheet pool liner, membrane or decorative and waterproof reinforced pool liner consists of two flexible sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) that give the pool a complete, strong and long lasting seal.

These two sheets are laminated with polyester mesh, giving it great strength and durability without losing the elasticity and flexibility needed to adapt to any pool shape or corner.

Pool liner Elbe Blue Line Its exclusive formula based on primary resin (acrylic lacquer) allows, in comparison with other brands of reinforced sheet, to designate pools of extra quality (we offer 100% natural PVC).

Pool lining thickness

  • Firstly, the thickness of the single color pool lining is 1.60mm.
  • Secondly, the thickness of the pool liner is 1.60mm.
  • In addition, the liner thickness for natural pools is 2.00 mm.
  • And finally, mention, for example, that the  thickness of the reinforced liner for modern pools: 1.60 mm.

What is a foil reinforced pool

Reinforced membranes, or in other words: reinforced liner or reinforced pool sheet, are the claddings for stationary pools most used in this sector.

Elbe Blue Line pool liner

Key features of our reinforced liner pools:

  1. First, v ace to get the Best Sun Protection (UVR) , chemicals and sunscreens to reduce the effects of aging.
  2. On the other hand, excellent tightness against water leaks in the pool.
  3. Third, pool liner with longer shelf life.
  4. Also liner pools with a surface are easier to clean.
  5. And it delays the development of algae and bacteria. contributing to better hygiene and good care of the pools.
  6. In addition, the system we use for pool cladding allows easier and faster installation .

Benefits of waterproofing with our thermowelded swimming pool cover

First of all, it should be noted that the best coating for waterproofing is a reinforced sheet for pools, as this is the best result in the construction and repair of pools of any shape and any size.

Benefits of waterproofing with our thermowelded pool cover

The following are the main advantages of waterproofing with our thermowelded pool cover :

  1. For starters, when installing pool gaskets, we offer you a 15-year guarantee on waterproofing.
  2. We provide waterproofing to prevent any water leaks when repairing swimming pools.
  3. Installation with our reinforced elbe sheet for pools, it is attached to the profile and not fully attached to the structure , which is beneficial if there is any movement of the walls and / or floor; which will never cause cracks or structural deterioration in our pool liner.
  4. On the other hand, thanks to the properties of our reinforced pool sheet, it allows us to advance and extend the swimming season by 15 days.
  5. Compared to other types of cladding (tiles, fiberglass …) the water in the pool will always be above 4-5ºC.
  6. Our pool liner, It is resistant to cold, bad weather and extreme temperature changes. Our reinforced foil pool is the same pool that has been tested in extreme situations such as: Saudi Arabia or Norway.
  7. Repair of swimming pools with our material is excellent against tear and tear resistance.
  8. On the other hand, our coating makes it easier to maintain the pool . Since there are no joints, dirt and algae do not accumulate on the walls.
  9. Also, when it comes to cleaning pools, you will never have to empty the pool, as no algae will grow in the pools without grout. This way you save water in your pool maintenance.
  10. There are no restrictions regarding the design of the pool , you can find several ranges of colors and textures.
  11. On the other hand, with such a pool renovation you will not only get a comfortable and smooth surface but also with great durability and you will avoid slipping (waterproofing with level 3 according to the rules for public pools).
  12. In addition, it is compatible with chemicals designed to eliminate: green pool water, cloudy pool water, algae in pools, black algae in pools…
  13. It also has microbiological protection against the development of algae, fungi and bacteria in the pool.
  14. Finally, we note that the restoration of pools with thermowelded reinforced lining, it is fast, clean and can be used for all types of pools .
  15. That is, we are in front of customized pool liner , such as: rectangular pool liner, round pool liner, pool liner, tiled pool liner, steel pools and liner, fiber pool, rafts and modified pools with reinforced liner …
  • El pool liner, These are thin, high-strength PVC-based sheets.
  • The arrangement of the pools with cladding ensures easy and simple maintenance.
  • Pool cleaning requires only special soft products.
  • They are easy to install as the liner is mounted into the pool using high frequency welding to fit its exact shape.
  • They can be chosen from different colors, patterns and textures to give the pool a special look. They can be in stamp ( Tile lining ) and color ( solid liner ) which can be exchanged and removed.
  • This is a primary raw material, absolutely safe for the environment.
  • El Pool Liner, It is widely used for repairing steel pools and for lining concrete or fiber pools with large water leaks.
  • The thermowelded reinforced lining is made of reinforced PVC-P or plasticized PVC, it has high plasticity, strength and is very easy to install and clean.
  • Similarly, it is a method of pool coating that is UV resistant and does not fade.
  • In addition, this set of pieces consisting of a foil reinforced pool is available in many colors and designs.
  • New Types of Thermowelded Armor Sleeve They are more resistant to discoloration due to exposure to UVA rays.
  • In addition, they have a multi-layer varnish that prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria in the pools.

Elbe pool liner with certified quality and warranty

In conclusion, we recommend pool waterproofing with reinforced laminate. Elbe Blue Line, as it is a minimal investment compared to other coatings and its many advantages.

  • First of all, the quality and guarantee of the public pool liner  It has been approved according to KSW/KTW.
  • CE certificate pool liner.
  • It is even the most cost effective material on the market for pool renovations: heavy metal free, physiologically harmless and certified according to  EN 71-3 Standard  (European Standard for Children’s Toys).
  • EN 15836-1   (European standard for swimming pools according to TDB).
  • Permanent certified quality management according to  DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • In addition, you will receive a  15-year guarantee  against pool leaks (with professional handling).
  • Reinforced sheet for Elbe pools made in Germany.
  • In turn, we inspect all raw materials immediately upon receipt to verify their quality and compliance with our specifications.
  • In other words, your health and well-being comes first. 

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