Cleaning the pool and its frequency depends on the volume and intensity of use of this reservoir. Special chemistry for the pool is available in the form of solid formulations and solutions. The use of which allows you to solve the problem of water purity.

Pool cleaning. Frequency and means

Cleaning procedures are performed depending on the volume and load of the pool. If, with a volume of less than five cubic meters, it is used by a small number of people, no more than 4, then once a month is enough. With more users, the load on the filters increases. Therefore, pools with a volume of more than twelve cubic meters must be cleaned at least once a week. Large public pools with high traffic need daily bottom cleaning. And their walls need to be cleaned at least once every two weeks.

If the water in the pool has an increased degree of hardness, then its internal surfaces will have to be cleaned more often from mineral deposits of calcium or magnesium formed on the walls.

After draining the water, the walls and bottom of the pool are mechanically cleaned. To do this, use brushes or vacuum cleaners. In small pools, owners use an algaecide with a clarifier. For greater effectiveness of the procedure, many apply an algaecide solution to the walls of the pool. This solution is rubbed with a regular sponge. After filling, the special liquid is poured into the water. Requirements for the correct dosage should be indicated on the packaging of this product.

More professional in this regard is Czech chemistry for swimming pools Propool . Many years of experience and strict quality control in the European Association of Chemical Manufacturers allowed to achieve the effectiveness of water care. This product can be used for cleansing, clarifying and pH adjustment.

The most popular and affordable means for disinfecting pools are chlorine -based formulations . It helps to keep the water clean longer and prevent it from “blooming”. They have proven to be highly effective. But such drugs can provoke allergic reactions in some people. Compositions based on active oxygen act softer. Their actions do not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Such products are best used in small pools with a limited number of visitors.

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