Many owners of private houses, summer cottages dream of their own pool. Those whose dream has already come true should think about how to clean the pool from plaque, about disinfection methods, how often these procedures need to be carried out. Water serves as an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, it is able to attract any debris. 

The wind does not give the pool an aesthetic appearance, strewn the water surface with fallen leaves, debris, dust. Without proper cleaning, the pool can turn into an overgrown pond, exuding an unpleasant smell, where only frogs can swim.

Cleaning the pool is carried out in several ways

The main signal to clean the pool is the color of the water. Whatever the pool is stationary, inflatable – the water should always be clear in it. A greenish, cloudy color of the water indicates that water purification in the pool is needed. It can be cleaned in a variety of ways:

  • Physical methods.
  • electrophysical way.
  • With the help of chemicals.

Purification of water in the pool by the physical method begins with the removal of all debris from the water (nets). This method allows you to remove only visible debris. Everything that was skipped is removed by the filters.

Regardless of the filter model, it must clean the pool for at least 6 hours. If children under three years of age will swim in the pool, then the water must be replaced every day. The filter can be sand, it has a lower cost, water filtration occurs due to quartz sand inside the filter. Requires weekly flushing. The result of cleaning with this device is not very good, debris less than 20 microns remains in the water. Cartridge filters eliminate particles down to 10 microns. 

It is necessary to wash the cartridges periodically, placing them under the pressure of water. The use of disposable cartridges is also available, which are thrown away immediately after they become clogged.

In diatom filters, water purification is carried out thanks to crushed plankton shells. They have the highest degree of purification – up to 3 microns. Their only drawback is the speed of clogging. Cartridges will have to be replaced with new ones several times a year, which is quite expensive.

The newest way to clean pools is the electrophysical method. The group of devices for this cleaning includes lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation, devices that emit silver or copper ions. One device fights a certain type of pool pollution, in complex work they give a good cleaning effect, but additional chemicals are still needed to clean the pool.

Cleaning and disinfection of the pool using products purchased on the website

The most popular pool cleaning method for many years has been chemical cleaning using chemicals. Even if special filtration systems are installed in the pool, the water can be contaminated with algae and microorganisms. 

Cleaning the pool with hydrogen peroxide is a very cheap method, but perhydrol is a rather caustic, toxic substance. During the day, it completely disintegrates, while the pathogens of infectious diseases continue their vital activity in the water almost completely poisoned with chemicals. Much easier to use special chemistry for pools.

Chemistry for the pool 390 has several directions of action. With its help, you can disinfect water (using bromine, chlorine, active oxygen), maintain the required pH level (the level should be 7-7.4). Also, the reagents allow you to get rid of and prevent the occurrence of fungus, mold, mud, algae, mucus, or to preserve the pool for the winter.

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