Swimming is a great way to liberate a restrained child, give him self-confidence, instill a love of sports. Swimming has always been considered the most useful, especially for a child’s growing body, which needs constant physical activity. Regular trips to swimming in the pool will make the child physically developed, strong, temper health. Many people know that the same movements in water and on land give a completely different level of stress. It is more difficult to move in water, therefore, physical fitness improves twice as fast from water than from regular exercise.

Regular swimming in the pool is suitable not only for teenagers, but also for small children from 5 years old. Understanding this, parents try to send their child to training more often, but soon notice changes in the condition of his skin. If you notice that the child’s skin has become drier than before, flakes, redness, irritation appear, do not rush to completely deprive him of the pleasure of swimming in the pool. Pay attention to the disinfection methods used in this particular pool and analyze their correctness. We will show you how to correctly distinguish good methods of disinfecting water in the pool from the wrong ones, and tell you what the wrong choice of chemicals can threaten your child.

Pool disinfection: can it be safe?

Note that the purification and disinfection of water with chemistry for pools is mandatory in any case. Do not think that this is a whim of the owners of sports complexes or ways to facilitate the daily cleaning of the pool. When several dozen different people bathe in the same water, there is a high probability of infection of the water and the walls of the pool with fungus and various infections transmitted through the water to other people. However, some pool owners, out of concern for their customers and the reputation of the sports complex, overdo it with chemistry, adding it in the

wrong proportions, or simply choose the cheapest products. Both options are detrimental to the skin of people swimming in the pool, especially for children, whose skin is very delicate and susceptible to concentrated pool chemicals.

Modern manufacturers of pool disinfectants draw the attention of consumers to the problem of excessively chlorinated water, which is harmful to the eyesight and skin of a person bathing in it. They began to produce products that are safe for health, thanks to which it became possible to disinfect water without chlorine. The correct use of such products involves one hundred percent purification of water without harm to human health.

Water chlorination is still considered the most effective and affordable way to disinfect pool water. BUT! It is VERY important to follow the correct dosage of the chlorine-containing preparation. to minimize damage to the health of the child. Many parents who see their children’s negative reaction to chlorine in the pool simply take them out of there, preventing them from continuing to engage in healthy swimming. Instead, you should initially choose pools that clean the water in the pool without chemicals, and when choosing bleach, they know how to use it correctly.  

If you have your own pool, and you definitely decided that you don’t want to use bleach as the main cleaner and disinfectant, you definitely have a question about where to buy pool chemicals and how to distinguish quality from fakes?

Pool chemicals: buy online

Working with famous brands that provide us with quality products for pool water disinfection, we realized that good water purification can easily do without chlorine, which spoils our eyesight and skin condition, accelerating the aging and dehydration process. We offer innovative products from AquaDOCTOR and Fresh Pool, world-renowned as leaders in providing people with quality pool water disinfection and purification products.

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