When choosing the shape and parameters of a bathing bowl, we advise you to opt for a pool made of concrete. This is a great combination of architecture and technical features. You can create a pool of the depth you need, in which you can dive, as well as learn diving.

Pools of this type allow you to use various building materials for their decoration, as well as choose a mosaic that:

– aesthetically decorate your pool, give it a beautiful stylish design

– will not lose its original appearance under the influence of heat

– not afraid of mechanical damage

– will last well for many years.

Advantages of concrete pools


Concrete pool bowls are very strong and reliable, which will serve you for many years, provided that they are made by professionals in this field with extensive experience. Specialists of the company “Oasis” have these qualities. They work with high quality foreign weather resistant materials. In addition, high quality raw materials make it possible to extend the service life for a long time.

Before starting the construction of concrete pools, we create a project in which we take into account all the wishes of the customer.

Production of an overflow bowl for the pool.

An overflow pool is a structure in which the water level converges with the level of the base surface. The exchange of water takes place by pouring it outside the pool into a specially designed grate that runs along the perimeter of the reservoir, without the presence of skimmers. The same system works in pools of a general type, more than 20 meters long.

How long does it take to build a pool

A concrete bowl for a pool is built from 1 (standard options) to 6 months (complex objects, for example, in a water park). During this time you will receive:

  • excellent stability of concrete;
  • high quality plastering performance;
  • good waterproofing properties.

It is important to know that if you opt for a concrete structure, its cost will be higher due to the length of its construction time. But the result is worth the investment. In addition, it is necessary to create a project for the location of the pool bowl, because the presence of cladding with mosaics and tiles cannot be placed outdoors. Due to severe frosts and temperature changes, parts of the wall cladding are destroyed.

How much does it cost to build a concrete pool

Concrete pools can be completely different both in size and geometric shape. The cost of construction depends on many factors. We will be able to calculate the cost and provide an accurate estimate after reviewing your application. You can also see the prices for the construction of standard options in the ” Concrete pools ” section.

Concrete pools are complex engineering structures that at first glance cost a little more than composite and frame pools , but the strength of the structure eventually becomes an advantageous advantage of concrete options. But if you want to have a place for swimming and relaxing that will harmoniously fit into the architecture and design, and at the same time be sure of the reliability of the structure for many years, then choosing a concrete pool is the best solution. 

The main thing is to contact the company that will produce this product at the highest level, and the Oasis company knows how to do it. Therefore, contact us and you will definitely be satisfied with the work done, and your money will not be invested in vain.

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