The large swimming pool inside the cottage is a great opportunity to extend the swimming season, because such a reservoir can be used at any time of the year.

However, it is not enough to determine the shape and size of the structure. There are a huge number of nuances that are important to consider when building such a recreation area in a country house. You can’t go wrong, even in small things. Therefore, in order to competently build a swimming pool in a private house, it is better to involve specialists in this matter who will solve the issue of architecture, bowl design and supply of all necessary communications.

The KIT-SV company offers the construction of swimming pools in country houses from scratch and on a turnkey basis. For more than 20 years we have been creating real masterpieces. The great experience and professionalism of our specialists allows us to build projects of any type, configuration and complexity.

Construction stages

Before starting the design and construction work, it is necessary to determine the place where the artificial reservoir will be built. It is preferable to install it on the ground floor of a country house, in a special annex or pavilion. This is important, as arranging in the wrong place will lead to the fact that the premises will be subjected to increased levels of humidity. In some cases, the structure can be installed on the top floor.

Indoor pool construction work includes:

  • Design in full compliance with the standards and regulations established by law. At the project approval stage, adjustments and additions by the client are allowed.
  • Construction directly.
  • Carrying out waterproofing and facing works.
  • Installation of equipment and engineering systems.

Building a pool in a country house means taking into account many important steps. It is necessary to take care of its convenience and safety, but at the same time not to forget about the economic feasibility and aesthetic side of the issue.

Types of pools for a country house

After you have allocated a place for building a reservoir in the cottage, decided on the drain, heating, lighting and solved the issue of ventilation, you need to decide on the type and configuration of the structure. There are various types of artificial reservoirs: large and small indoor pools directly in a private house or annex, complex (the bowl is both indoors and outdoors), transformers with a lifting bottom, built-in and portable spas, etc.

In general, all designs for a private house can be divided into 2 types:

  1. With water level flush with the floor.
  2. With water level below floor level.

The first option is the most expensive, as it requires the construction of weirs around the entire perimeter of the structure. However, this option is considered more aesthetic.

The second option, in which the water level is set below the floor level by 10-40 centimeters, is a classic. When choosing this type of construction, you will also need to lay a drain and pay attention to ensuring that the reservoir is completely isolated from rooms such as a bedroom, kitchen or garage.

The shape of the reservoir in the cottage can be any. It all depends on the wishes of the client and the characteristics of the premises in which it will be located. In addition, you can also equip the structure with additional options: waterfalls, bubbling fountains, water jets, slides, unusual lighting, etc.

KIT-SV is a company that has earned the trust of customers. We can build a pool in a private house, taking into account all your wishes for the shape, design, size and type of the reservoir. The final price of the structure depends on the volume of the bowl, the shape of the reservoir, the number of additional options. We develop unique projects: our pools are not only of high quality and durable, but also safe, because we are the only official representative of the German Necon chlorine-free water purification technology in our country.

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