The presence of an outdoor pool allows you to relax near the house, and the open type of the tank outdoors eliminates the formation of excessive moisture and the development of mold. But if you use an artificial reservoir without a pavilion, then garbage quickly accumulates in it. Leaves, pieces of branches, particles of soil fall into it. To clean the bottom and walls, special vacuum cleaners have been developed, designed to work in such difficult conditions. Models are divided into several types, and our experts have selected for you the best of all categories.

Best Automatic Electric Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Such units have a built-in pump and an electric motor that starts the rotation of the tracks and rollers, as well as a suction system. Cleaning equipment is able to operate independently in the water column, moving sequentially along the bottom and absorbing debris. This saves you time and effort, but such electrical devices are more expensive than other varieties.

Dolphin Wave 300XL

The category of robots for cleaning swimming pools is headed by a model from the world brand Dolphin, designed specifically for large containers with a length of 25 to 50 m. . The model comes with a trolley, where there is a convenient bay for winding the wire. The upper part of the handle has a screen and a push-button control unit. The vacuum cleaner has one of the largest suction power – 40 m³ / h. This ensures thorough cleaning. Four coarse brushes are good at removing not only surface debris, but also adhering soil. Inside there is a filtration system with a porosity of 50, 70 and 150 microns, giving back only clean water. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty or 3000 hours of operation for the product.

The experts liked the vacuum cleaner with its excellent remote control. This is true if the bottom of the reservoir has a complex configuration with turns, steps and other reliefs. Thanks to the remote control, you can accurately direct the device and increase its efficiency in difficult conditions.


  • supplied on a trolley for easy transportation to the edge of the container;
  • there is a bay for winding the cable;
  • convenient programming with remote control and LCD screen;
  • suitable even for Olympic pools.


  • weighs 25 kg – it will be difficult for a girl to get it out of the water;
  • high price.

Zodiac TornaX RT 2100

This is a compact vacuum cleaner with dimensions of 30x30x37 cm, moving with the help of a caterpillar track. Two rollers are provided in front and behind, which clean dirt and small debris from the bottom well. Rubber tracks with relief easily cling to both tiles and PVC, so the robot is suitable for inflatable and stationary pools. Two pumps operate inside, and the suction power is 10 m³ / h. The model works from 220 V, but lowers the voltage to 30 V, making it safe if a person or animal is in the pool at the time of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is designed for artificial reservoirs measuring 4×8 m, for which it is equipped with a cable with a length of 14 m. The French manufacturer allows the use of equipment continuously for two hours.

We praised the robot vacuum cleaner for its light weight of 5 kg, which makes it easy to remove the device from the water when cleaning is completed. It also has a very simple filter emptying system that allows you to empty the contents 100% in one motion. This saves you time, and the technician will start the next cleaning with 100% throughput efficiency and no loss of power.


  • suitable for any container shape;
  • cleans well on tiles, concrete, PVC and film;
  • can work continuously up to 2 hours;
  • light weight 5 kg.


able to work only on the bottom.

Kokido Manga RC32CBX

Among the relatively inexpensive automatic vacuum cleaners, the Manga RC32CBX stands out. It is a robot with four rubber-coated wheels. Thanks to this, the equipment moves equally well on concrete, tile or film. In addition to the internal rollers, there are two additional scallops that break up stuck pieces of clay or other dense debris. The suction capacity is 4.4 m³/h. The stainless steel mesh perfectly retains stones, leaves and branches, and at the same time serves for a long time.

The feature of this vacuum cleaner is the lack of a power cord. Thanks to this, it is possible to clean pools of any length up to 45 m, and even those located far from home. The battery with a capacity of 4000 A / h is enough for an hour of active work. 10 minutes before it is discharged, the LED indicator lights up. The manufacturer has equipped the vacuum cleaner with a “smart” function for activating work upon contact with water, so standing at the edge of the pool does not consume the battery charge.


  • inside stainless steel mesh;
  • compact design;
  • suitable for all types of surfaces;
  • There is an LED charge indicator.
  • FLAWS can’t ride on walls;
  • charging lasts 5-6 hours.


  • can’t ride on walls;
  • charging lasts 5-6 hours.

Zodiac Cyclon X RC 4400

The next vacuum cleaner is designed for pools with dimensions of 6×12 m, for which the manufacturer provides a sealed network wire of 18 m. The device operates with a safe low voltage of 30 V. Despite its small size, the equipment has a powerful pump with a suction power of 16 m³ / h. The unit moves perfectly on film, polyester, concrete, composite materials and tiles. The wide 22 cm brushes make cleaning faster than the narrower versions of the competition.

The fineness of cleaning is 100 microns. In the reviews, the model is praised for the folding handle, which makes it easier to lower and raise the robot from the pool. When folded, it reduces the size of the device for storage. We liked the vacuum cleaner with a complex triangular track system, endowed with three rollers on each side. This allows the robot not only to move easily on a flat bottom, but also to overcome suction valves, run up steps and even climb walls. Thanks to this, your pool will be completely clean, and the equipment will not stall in front of an obstacle.


  • two chambers for collecting garbage;
  • comes with trolley;
  • safe voltage 30 V;
  • 22 cm wide brushes speed up the cleaning process.

Dolphin PRO X2

And here is another vacuum cleaner that can clean the bottom and walls of the pool. The suction power of the model reaches 17 m³ / h. The kit includes a trolley on which it is convenient to bring equipment with a weight of 11 kg to the edge of the pool. The digital power supply steps down the voltage to a safe 24V. The cycle time of the machine can be set to 4, 6 or 8 hours. The cleaning machine supports manual control from the remote control or can work with programs. Among the variety of cleaning schemes, there are: basic (bottom and walls), only bottom and joints, only walls and waterline, enhanced mode (slow movement and suction with increased power). Users in the reviews like the dual filtration system with a porosity of 100 microns, as well as the container full indicator.

The vacuum cleaner is distinguished by the ability to delay the start by 1-2 hours. This is handy to remember to clean the pool. To do this, the model is switched on, programmed and installed on the edge. The robot also has a self-shutdown function when it finishes cleaning. He will not wander aimlessly along the clean bottom, but will stop, saving energy consumption. Thanks to such technologies, the device is excellent for operation without the supervision of an operator.


removes dirt along the waterline;

dual motor drive;

there is an element that prevents the cable from twisting;

filter full indicator.


weighs 11 kg.

Hayward Industries AquaVac 650

The American manufacturer Hayward offers the proven AquaVac 650 watertight vacuum cleaners, designed for swimming pools with an area of ​​50-80 m². The device is equipped with a cable with a length of 17 m and is supplied on a trolley to make it easier to roll out the cleaner weighing 9.5 kg to the water. During operation, the equipment glows with LED diodes, which immediately allows you to notice it in the pool and increases the safety of operation. Inside there are 18 hydrocyclones that create powerful suction. In reviews, the product is praised for the HexaDrive adaptive clutch. It adapts to changing terrain, where it holds tight on flat surfaces, and loosens its “grip” a little on bumps to overcome obstacles.

We noted the vacuum cleaner for the presence of a Wi-Fi module, thanks to which the device can be connected to a smartphone. This allows you to control the launch and movement without an additional remote control, as well as set a schedule for daily and weekly cleaning. The function works with an application installed on iOS or Android.


knows how to clean the waterline; filtration degree 80 microns; powerful suction thanks to 18 hydrocyclones; adaptive grip.


If the transparent container is dropped during cleaning, it may crack.

Aquabot Magnum Junior

Rounding out the category of electric pool cleaning robots is one of the most manoeuvrable Aquabot Magnum Junior models. She has a clever gyroscope called Gyro that adjusts her trajectory based on the shape of the pool. You can set the Normal or High mode, and the device itself will analyze the data every 60 or 20 seconds to optimize the further direction. This is very convenient if you have a complex shape pool, but do not have time to control the machine from the remote control. If the container has smooth edges, then the unit will accurately move with 90-degree turns. The vacuum cleaner also stands out with a high suction power of 22 m³ / h. Two 24V brushless motors are responsible for performance. The power cable does not sink in water, so the risk of damage to it is minimal.

The vacuum cleaner has a high degree of filtration, where the total throughput reaches 2 microns. Reviews show that the water in the pool after it is especially clean, so you can not change it for a long time.


  • replaceable reusable filter;
  • trolley for transportation;
  • remote control;
  • increased suction power 22 m³/h;
  • high degree of filtration.


works a little slower than others.

The best vacuum semi-automatic pool cleaners

This category of vacuum cleaners operates from a nozzle for pumping water in the pool or from a third-party pump. Connecting to a skimmer is allowed. The movement of the piston for pumping starts the operation of the impulse membrane, which begins to gradually jump along the bottom and suck in debris. But there is no pump of its own here – it is only an executive vacuum mechanism, which is why the type of equipment is considered semi-automatic. Other models with wheels are able to first supply water to the basin to raise the sludge, and then pump it out, but they also do this with the help of a third-party pumping station.

Zodiac Kontiki II

The vacuum cleaner consists of a membrane with a small plastic tube and is connected to a drain nozzle or pool skimmer. Suction power up to 5 m³/h possible. The device belongs to the vacuum type and is suitable for pools with a length of up to 8 m. The membrane independently jumps along the bottom in a chaotic manner, therefore it gradually passes the entire surface area and does not require user control. The speed of movement is 6 m per minute. Light weight of 5 kg allows even a child to throw the device into the water. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a hose with a length of 8 m, divided into meter sections. Suitable for cleaning inflatable and stationary pools. In the reviews, the owners rejoice at the durable operation of the vacuum cleaner, since there is nothing to break here.


  • light weight 5 kg;
  • almost does not break;
  • for all types of surfaces;
  • silent operation;
  • does not need to be connected to electricity.


chaotic movement along the bottom – can skip sections.

Intex 28001/58948

This vacuum cleaner has a different principle of operation – it is connected to an external pumping station and pumps water into the tank through two nozzles directed in different directions. Thanks to this effect, silt and debris rise from the bottom, after which they easily fall into the lower suction slot. There is also a filter mesh. Opening the chamber with four latches for cleaning is very simple. Two swivel and two supporting rollers provide free movement along the bottom. The operating cycle is allowed by the manufacturer up to 2 hours. The device most effectively manifests itself in film and inflatable pools, without injuring the material. A 7.5 m hose is provided for connection to the station. Brushes in the middle additionally clean the bottom surface from mucus.

The semi-automatic vacuum cleaner is distinguished by a very simple design, serving 10 years, and an affordable price, although it is the brainchild of the world brand Intex. At the same time, the model is endowed with the function of reverse movement in the event of a collision with the edge of the pool. Thanks to this, the vacuum cleaner will not slip against the wall, but will continue cleaning.


  • easy opening of the mesh cleaning compartment;
  • automatic change of direction;
  • movement due to the supplied jet of water – there are no motors;
  • affordable cost.


  • a filter pump is required;
  • can’t clear walls.

The Best Handheld Pool Vacuums

Handheld vacuum cleaners are powered by a pump, where a vacuum system absorbs debris and traps it, and the purified water is returned back to the pool or removed to the drain. All movements of the head along the bottom are carried out only by the hands of the user guiding the rod. These are the most affordable models for the price, but you will have to fiddle with them, like with a home vacuum cleaner when cleaning an apartment.

EcoVac 1400

In the first place in the category of hand-held vacuum cleaners is a model with a power of 1400 W, which is designed to clean fountains and pools. The device operates on 220 V, but the motor is not immersed in water, but remains outside, so there is no need for a step-down transformer. The suction force is 180 mbar, providing a capacity of 3900 l/h. The set includes a 4 m suction hose and a 2 m rod, so the user can be outside and not enter the pool. For drainage, a second flexible tube 3 m long is provided. To connect the device to the network, there is a 4.4 m cable. The chamber for collecting branches and foliage holds 35 liters.

The vacuum cleaner is interesting for its double useful action. It works for two cycles. The first lasts 30 seconds and draws water and debris into the chamber. The second starts immediately after the first for 15 seconds and pumps out. Drainage can be carried out on the beds so that the plants receive silt with nutrients. The transition between cycles is carried out automatically, so you only need to guide the vacuum cleaner head along the bottom.


  • it is not required to go into the water with it;
  • long network cable 4.4 m;
  • five nozzle options for cleaning in hard-to-reach places;
  • long rod 2 m.


cleaning the pool with it takes a lot of time.

Kokido Tesla 30

The principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner is to filter the pool water by passing through itself. Leaves and twigs with silt settle in a 550 ml waste bin. The model is equipped with a floating head, thanks to which it easily adapts to changing bottom topography. The brushes protruding from the sides help to clean the plaque at the joints between the floor and the walls of the pool. The system is completely autonomous thanks to the built-in battery, so the device does not need wires and hoses. The continuous operation time is 30 minutes, after which the battery requires charging, lasting 4-5 hours. The design has a branch pipe for connecting the rod, but it is not supplied in the kit. The maximum operating depth is allowed up to 3 meters. In the reviews, buyers note the convenience of cleaning steps with it.

Among the proven hand-held vacuum cleaners from world brands, this one has the most affordable price that does not affect the quality. The unit is suitable for cleaning pools with a depth of 3 m


  • floating head;
  • side brushes;
  • does not need wires and hoses;
  • suitable for 3m depth.


  • charges 4-5 hours;
  • rod is not included;
  • enough for 30 minutes.

Watertech Pool Blaster MAX

The vacuum cleaner is not in vain called a blaster, because it looks like such a space weapon. There is a handle on the top for easy carrying. One of the main elements is a head with a width of 27 cm, moving on six rollers. Beneath it are 10 brushes arranged at an angle, directing the debris to the suction port. Through the transparent walls of the container it is convenient to monitor the fullness of the garbage bin. The device is connected to any rod with a diameter of 28.5 mm. Its length is allowed up to 3 meters. The weight of 2.4 kg allows even a child to use the vacuum cleaner. Power of 400 W ensures active suction of water and increases productivity. Reviews show that the triangular shape of the vacuum cleaner head is optimal for thorough cleaning in the corners of the pool.

We singled out the model for its increased battery capacity. Thanks to this, the time of continuous operation lasted up to 60 minutes. This characteristic allows you to clean pools with an area of ​​up to 164 m².


  • comfortable carrying handle;
  • allowed to work at a depth of up to 3 meters;
  • rollers for easy sliding along the bottom;
  • 10 brushes direct branches and stones precisely into the receiving hole;
  • transparent trash can.


  • the head does not turn;
  • high cost of spare brushes;
  • sold without rod.

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