Top 5 Best Pool Heat Pumps of 2022

Heat pumps are a modern invention related to the heating system. Thanks to this innovation, it is possible to reduce the cost of heating the pool several times. Due to the high popularity of high-quality and innovative pool heat pumps, experts have compiled the top 5 most popular units of 2022. We will consider each pump separately in order to select the appropriate equipment for heating the pool with a heat pump with a minimum cost. 

Top 5 pool heat pumps of 2022

You can buy a pool heat pump in the relevant stores, but several well-known brands are popular on the modern market. The heat pump for heating the pool is popular with the following brands brilix, azuro, fairland and others. Consider the most popular models from the list:

The Fairland InverX 36 is a state of the art pump for heating and cooling pool water up to 60,000 liters. The heat pump is popular due to the presence of three main modes of operation, which provide 120 percent power. 

It is characterized by extremely quiet operation, which minimizes any extraneous noise and vibration during operation. With the help of such equipment, it is possible to ensure the appropriate temperature of the liquid in the pool without sudden changes, which is effective for both home and mass use. 

Buy a heat pump in Moscownecessary due to the fact that it is equipped with a high-quality housing made of aluminum, and the heat exchanger is made of durable titanium, which allows the equipment to operate both with sea water and with chlorinated water. 

In appearance, it features stylish design and compact appearance. Naturally, the fairland heat pump is equipped with innovative technology, which allows you to adjust the settings using a modern smartphone.

Brilix XHPFD -100 is a high quality heating and cooling heat pump. It is made by a well-known Czech company, which guarantees the efficiency of the equipment and its reliability. 

The popularization of such a heat pump is due to the high level of safety, durability and energy efficiency, which are confirmed by various tests and consumers. Heat pump for heating water in the poolequipped with a unique compressor system, characterized by high performance properties. 

Non-standard features of this pump is the design, due to the unusual type of placement of internal elements and the assembly as a whole, which guarantees the lowest level of noise and vibration during operation. 

The brilix pool heat pump can heat both domestic pools up to 15 cubic meters and public outdoor pools up to 90 cubic meters. Comfort and convenience is guaranteed by operation from a network of 220 volts. The equipment can be used for sea water, and the cooling and heating mode allows you to maintain the optimal state of the water without unnecessary sudden changes in temperature.

AZURO MOUNTFIELD BP-85WS– This is a pump designed to heat the liquid and maintain a stable temperature. It is necessary to buy an Azuro pool heat pump due to the fact that it can achieve maximum efficiency at various air temperatures, but not lower than + 8 and not higher than + 35. It is designed to heat pools with a volume of no more than 40 cubic meters. 

The pump has a standard operating principle. It uses expansion-to-compression cycles of the heat transfer fluid. This makes it possible to use equipment to generate heat into the air around the pool. It is important that this pool heat pump can only be used if harmless to bathing, i.e. purified water is used, otherwise, if poor quality water enters the equipment,

Fairland THP14NP – pump for heating water in private pools. It is intended for volume no more than 65 l. The pump has a number of advantages, namely ensuring the strength and reliability of the equipment through the use of hot gas defrosting and silver welding. 

A spiral heat exchanger made of titanium is installed inside the unit, thanks to which it was possible to increase the heat exchange area by more than 25%. Despite the fact that the equipment is designed only for heating pools, it can function optimally with salty, that is, sea water. 

But if there is a high salt content, then it is necessary to monitor the condition of the pump, otherwise corrosion of the heat exchanger occurs, which leads to equipment failure. The equipment is widely used for hot tubs, spas and private pools. fairland pumphas high power and moderate power consumption while maintaining a stable water temperature.

FAIRLAND BPN17 is a modern pump for heating private pools belonging to the economy class. This is the perfect solution for medium sized pools. Distinctive characteristics are the combination of compact dimensions of the product and an affordable price category.

 Inside the structure, spiral heat exchangers made of durable titanium are used. The equipment can be used for both purified and sea water. To protect the heat exchanger from corrosion, a specialized PVC casing is installed. You can control the equipment with a specialized remote control due to the lack of innovative technologies that allow you to connect to it remotely.

Modern and high-quality heat pumps for swimming pools of various configurations allow you to maintain the required temperature of the water in the pool, which allows owners of personal structures to swim even in winter. Consider the top five modern pool pumps you can buy a quality pump for personal use, spas, pools or other needs.

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